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Play Some Games to Escape the Game

Life, in many ways, is just one big game full of challenges and pressures. Of course, as with any game, there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed to the letter. Naturally, as with any game, there are going to be those players who will need to find a little release every now and then from the pressure and grind. But it is not just the top-caliber athletes who need to unwind. Normal, everyday people also need to find some relief from the struggles of […]

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Can You Really Get Paid to Test Video Games

Among the flurry of get rich quick schemes and offers on the internet, you might find one telling you that you can “get paid to be a video game tester.” Although a first you might reject this offer, wondering how in the world it is possible to get paid for sitting around all day in playing video games. In the end, you probably end up close in web page in a second of disbelief. I don’t blame you for not believe in that you can get paid […]

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Game Testing for Money

Becoming a game tester is probably a little more than you would expect. There are three things you must have before pursuing a game tester job. 1. A Sincere Love of Playing Video Games! I mean you love to play all the time and almost never get tired of playing. if you could be fed through a tube you would play forever. If you’re a casual player then this might not be for you. 2. You Are Really Good! You have to also be really good at […]

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